Responsibilities: Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture

  1. Initiate, formulate, execute, monitor and evaluate policies relating to Tourism, Arts and Culture.
  2. Promotion of investment in hotels and development of tourism projects
  3. Tourism promotion and information dissemination
  4. Establishment of tourism development fund
  5. Hotel licensing
  6. Relations with tourism related institutions
  7. Tourism research and development
  8. Tourism and hospitality training
  9. Relations with and regulation of tour operators and travel agents within the State.
  10. Registration, classification and regulation of tourism establishments (Hotels, Motels, Inns. Restaurants, etc)
  11. Facilitating tourism land allocation; liaison with relevant Agencies
  12. Facilitating plan for tourism project
  13. Monitoring of private sector tourism project implementation and development
  14. Liaison with Federal Ministry of Tourism as well as International Organizations.
  15. Registration, classification and regulation of places of entertainment and recreation such as night clubs, pool betting and gaming machines.
  16. Supervision of the council for Arts and Culture.
  17. Management of tourism assets, such as beaches.
  18. Supervision of Lagos State Film and Video Censors Board
  19. Supervision of State Lottery Board, pools Betting, Casino and Gaming Machine
  20. Organization of all State tourism activities in conjunction with other relevant Agencies.
  21. Establishment of a mini- exhibition centre for the purpose of projecting the image of the State.
  22. Promotion of entertainment & arts related matters
  23. Establishment and Management of project THESE – (Tourism, Hospitality, Entertainment, Arts and Sports for Excellence).
  24. Promotion of social Arts and Community Cohesiveness.
  25. Any other duty as may be assigned by the Governor


  • Admin & Human Resources
  • Accounts
  • Tourism Promotion
  • Tourism Research and Development
  • Hotels Licensing
  • Monuments Management
  • Creative Arts
  • Film and Video Censors Board
  • Arts and Culture


  • Public Affairs
  • Planning
  • Legal
  • ICT
  • Internal Audit
  • Procurement